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Software Updates – Gen I

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Media Installation

IMPORTANT: Be sure to change your paper roll and ink ribbon at the same time! The media kit always comes with excess paper, which is intended to be thrown away.

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Gen I Media Install Guide

Photo Strip Customization

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Photo Strip and Screen Customization

Photoshop Samples:


Click the images to download the full PDFs.

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Quick Install Guide

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Tools Needed for Assembly

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Step-By-Step Assembly Manual

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Photo Booth Manual

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Event Scheduling Guide

thumbnail of ______board_installation_layout

Board Installation Layout

Component Manuals

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A6 USD2 Switch Settings

thumbnail of ___a6usd2_manual

A6 USD2 Manual

A6 USD4 Manual

thumbnail of a6usd4_switch_settings

A6 USD4 Switch Settings

thumbnail of printer_manual_en

Printer Manual – English

thumbnail of printer_manual_es

Manual de la Impresora – Español

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