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Spins Ahoy! by Team Play

Cap'n Ken
Jon Lafeet

Spins Ahoy!™ – our newest redemption game at Team Play – is available in two different versions.

With a four-player game cabinet and 4k resolution 65” monitor, this 100% skill based game is sure to stand out.

In both versions, your character moves around a treasure map landing on different tiles displaying the amount of tickets you can win.

In the spinner version of the game, players simply spin the wheel to navigate the treasure map and end up on a tile to win the indicated amount of tickets. The skill base of this version allows players to spin slower or faster based on how far they want to move on the map.

The pinball version contains numbered lanes which indicate the amount of spaces the character will move on the game board. Plunge the ball harder or softer depending on the side of the playfield you want the ball to reach. The middle two lanes contain skill shots that move your character to the nearest bonus corner.

Other features included in both versions are the progressive TREASURE bonus feature which, once activated, doubles all ticket values on the playfield for all four players for a set amount of time. To activate this mode, players must collect letters of the word TREASURE spread throughout the game board tiles, and the player to collect the last letter receives bonus tickets for completing the progressive.

Each corner of the game board can win either a set number of tickets or allow players who land on the corners to choose between five differently valued treasure chests filled with tickets.

Whichever version you choose, your treasure awaits!

Red Raven
Salty Pete


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