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“Pirate’s Booty” Redemption Video Game by Team Play, Inc.

Set sail for an island of fun and adventure with the Pirate’s Booty redemption video game from Team Play, Inc. Follow the treasure map and claim your booty on the high-definition 46″ LCD video game monitor. Be wary of the dangers along the way . . . giant apes, krakens and cannibals lurk around every turn, ready to foil your quest to win a treasure of tickets or prizes.

Available in two redemption game versions: The Pathfinder version offers multiple paths for more demanding play action. The Spinner version has a “quick hit” design for rapid video game play.

Pirate’s Booty Deluxe has two high-capacity, simultaneous ticket dispensers. Its backlit 3D graphics and exciting game play are certain to capture the spirit of adventure and imagination of all players, filling your cashbox with bountiful booty!

Avast ye mateys, your treasure awaits with Pirate’s Booty!

  • Timeless Pirate theme is extremely popular with video game players of all ages
  • Interactive redemption game play
  • Custom animations reward the game players with funny, entertaining visuals
  • Available in Ticket dispensing or Direct Prize Play redemption games
  • Adjustable levels of video game play difficulty
  • Cumulative, progressive bonus jackpots
  • High-definition, 46-inch LCD monitor
  • Eye-catching, backlit 3D graphics video game cabinet
  • High capacity, simultaneous output ticket dispensers


Pirate’s Booty Deluxe brochure (PDF) Pirate’s Booty 26-inch brochure (PDF)


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