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Software Version History

New Features in Version 1.07:

  • Meter Support: Facilitates the addition of a hard meter to track, on one counter, the ticket output from the dual ticket dispensers.
  • Graphics updates: Updates computer-generated characters, including Flip Finnigan, fish bowls, and 3D fish. Adds new graphics, including clams and surprise creatures inside of treasure chests.
  • Lost Ball features: Adds Lost Ball checks, Force Find feature and diagnostics for troubleshooting in the unlikely event of a missing ball.
  • Updated screens: Adds loading screens that display while detecting the I/O board.

New Features in Version 1.09:

  • Ball Missing Error: Added Additional Ball Missing Error Screen
  • For Linked Games: Added Network Error Detection for Linked Games
  • For All Games: Added Bottom Bowl Rotating Option – Allows Largest Bowl to Rotate/Change Ticket Numbers