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Fun Stop Photos – Gen 3 Quick Install Guide

Quick Installation Guide for Grumpy Cat Photo Booth (Team Play, Inc.) Download Printable PDF

Quick Installation Guide


⚠ WARNING: Indoor only. This photo booth is only for indoor use. Operation in damp or exposed areas is hazardous to players. Moisture and outdoor weather will damage the electronics and cabinet.

✱ CAUTION: AC Cord. If you have a damaged, detachable AC mains cord, replace it with a factory approved cord assembly. This cord is available from the manufacturer.

✱ CAUTION: Codes. Confirm that the installation and wiring comply with applicable codes and requirements.

✱ CAUTION: Service. Refer service to qualified service personnel.

Install the Photo Booth

  1. Attach the female end of the AC mains cord to the IEC
    power connector.
  2. Connect the male end to a properly grounded power outlet.
  3. Confirm that nothing is pinching the cables.
  4. Place the cabinet in its final position.
    1. Confirm that nothing blocks the vents.
    2. Adjust the four cabinet leg levelers downward. The cabinet must be level, and must not rock.
    3. Confirm that the cabinet wheels are above the floor and not supporting the cabinet.

Install the Topper

  1. From the top of the cabinet, unbolt and remove the topper
    mounting plate.
  2. Unbolt the topper’s plastic shipping panel, but save the hardware.
  3. Run two cables from the camera through the topper opening, and
    through the mounting plate.
  4. For this step, reuse hardware that you saved.
    Bolt the mounting plate to the camera.
  5. Connect the topper cables to connectors inside the photo booth
  6. With four bolts, fasten the topper plate to the cabinet.
  7. Turn on the cabinet power switch.

Install Paper in the Printers

  1. Unlock, open and remove the printer access door.
  2. Confirm that the cabinet connects to the AC power outlet.
  3. To load paper into the printer: Turn on the booth.
  4. On the front of the printer door, press the OPEN button. Now you can slide open the printer tray to access the film and ribbon cartridge.
  5. Media loading video:
  6. Preventive maintenance video:
  7. For additional support, refer to the printer manual. Or call Team Play Service at (847) 952-7533. Email:

Adjust Software

Enter the operator menu system and adjust game settings.