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Family Guy Bowling by Team Play

Everyone’s favorite TV family goes bowling in the latest hit arcade game from Team Play Inc.

Family Guy Bowling has the most options we have ever offered to make it versatile for any type of location. From FEC’s to street locations, this bowler has it all!

Choose your bowler from 8 playable Family Guy characters.

Options to play as a standard game, ticket redemption game, or printer/prize coupon game.

Red Pin Bowling Award options

Offered in 65 or 55 inch HD LCD screen configurations, or as a control pedestal only option.

Deluxe and Standard Marquee’s available.

Suitable for all general audiences, with adult mode option for the grown up locations.

Video clips from the show play before and after games.

Local Tournament Features for 4-8 players.

100% Skill with real bowling physics.

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