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Carnival Wheel by Team Play

Carnival Wheel Multi

The Carnival Comes To You with our new exciting Carnival Wheel™ redemption game. The favorite carnival ride for families has now come indoors… but with a Spin!

Brighten up your location with the reimagined wheel full of vivid colors, animations, sounds and most importantly… Fantastic Replay! Carnival Wheel™ brings dynamic visuals through a spinning wheel that uses high quality LED panels that will surely engage the player’s imagination.

Carnival Wheel™ was designed with the goal of creating an engaging and visually unique redemption experience. Team Play™ set high standards of quality throughout every aspect of development. The gameplay is diverse, allowing players to focus on different bonuses and ways to win big throughout. The development team created and unparalleled graphical experience with the eye-catching wheel.

Game Features include:

  • Link up to 16 machines for stunning attract animations
  • All numbers on every panel (including bonus tiles) are fully adjustable by the operator
  • Players can advance to higher point bonus wheels through exciting multi spin gameplay
  • LED panels light up any location and attracts players from across the room
  • Fishbowl Frenzy™, Popcorn, Soda, Peanut, Super Spin, & Mega Ticket Frenzy Bonus Wheels
  • Incredible panel animations even while spinning
  • Bonus spins can include 2x & 3x wheels that can increase the progressive bonus
  • Progressive Bonus active across all linked machines
Carnival Wheel Single

Photo Motion by Team Play

Your Road to Riches begins with the world’s very first combination kiddie car motion ride, interactive driving game and photo booth… all together in one single innovative coin-op device. Turbocharge your location’s earnings by adding the awesome new PhotoMotion™ to your fleet.

Prints 4″x6″ photos of kids while they’re driving and having fun steering through an interactive 3D landscape and collecting coins and fruits.

PhotoMotion Car

PhotoMotion Car

PhotoMotion™ features exceptional earnings, low operating costs, sturdy construction, reliable components, a user friendly interface and simplified operation.

By combining a Motion Kiddie Ride with a Driving Game and a Photo Booth, PhotoMotion™ is a perfect match for FEC’s, Resorts, Arcades, Movie Theaters, Shopping Malls, Amusement Parks, Museums, Supermarkets, Trampoline Parks, and anywhere you find parents and their kids!


Click to download full size versions.


Click to download full size versions.

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Pixel Pix Powered by Team Play

The photo booth has been reinvented!

The Pixel Pix photobooth from Team Play Inc. has been redesigned with attention to every last detail. Our booth is as thoroughly engineered as it is attractive. Both Deluxe and Standard models have low operating costs, sturdy construction, user friendly interface, reliable components and simplified operation featuring some of the fastest tech support in the business.

Both models share many great features like Dual Printers, Multiple Print Sizes, Smart Print Technology, Touch Screen Interface, Remote Status Reporting, and Hi-Res 8MP cameras.

Our Pixel Pix Deluxe dual cameras and dual touchscreens allow simultaneous inside and outside picture taking resulting in twice the photo opportunities and twice the fun! It’s like two photo booths in one!

Customers can choose from multiple print formats like the standard 4 picture 2×6 photo strips, a 2-Photo 4×3, 4-photo 2×3 and single photo 4×6. Operators can add custom borders, logos and advertising. Pixel Pix photobooths easily support all social media outlets.

English, Spanish and Portuguese Language Options are currently available.