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“Prize Hoops” Redemption Game Kit by Team Play, Inc.

Has your old “Stacker” become a slacker? It’s time to get your winning game on by putting a new redemption game into that tired, old cabinet! Team Play’s “Prize Hoops” redemption game conversion kit can turn your old LAI Games “Stacker” into a money-making champion, once again!

Prize Hoops truly is a game of skill. The player has to time each shot, so the ball will land in the path of the hoops. Faster moving hoops require more skillfully timed shots. And, Prize Hoops has no percentaging! Comply with new regulations with Prize Hoops!

Each Prize Hoops redemption game kit includes a 24″ high definition LCD monitor, a fully-assembled video game hardware system, a complete graphics package for your redemption game cabinet, and all buttons, cabling and mounting hardware. You also can order an optional Backboard and Hoop video game Topper with LED lights.

The Prize Hoops redemption game kit can be installed on location in roughly one hour. No drilling and no wire splicing are required!

So, wake up that tired old Stacker!

Convert it into a new redemption game that will turn your location into a winner!