If your Fishbowl Frenzy isn’t one of the top 5 earning redemption games in your location, then your settings are wrong.  What you need is the right combination of baits!

Based on information gathered from Fishbowl Frenzy customers, Team Play has released Price-to-Ticket Ratio* tables to maximize your Fishbowl Frenzy earnings.   Older versions of the Fishbowl Frenzy software set the default ratio at only 11% which may discourage players.  Changing your settings to the optimal ratio will maximize player interest and maximize the game’s earnings.

Price-to-Ticket Ratio* tables are available only to registered owners of Fishbowl Frenzy.  Registration is easy!  Go to the Technical Support page on Team Play’s web site at www.teamplayinc.com, and submit your information with your Fishbowl Frenzy serial number.  Once your registration information has been verified, Team Play will email you a link to log in and set up your password.

*Fishbowl Frenzy is strictly a game of skill, so ratio tables are approximate.  Actual player winnings may vary, depending on each player’s skills.

Why update your Fishbowl Frenzy software?

Fishbowl Frenzy currently is shipping with software version 1.08 which automatically sets the default ticket-to-price ratio* to 20% to 30% return, in order to maximize game earnings.  If you have an earlier software version, you can update to version 1.07 online.  Version 1.07 facilitates the addition of a hard meter to track, on one counter, the ticket output from the dual ticket dispensers.  In addition, Version 1.07 updates the 3D fish characters and adds new graphics, including clams and surprise creatures inside of treasure chests.  A new feature is added for troubleshooting in the unlikely event of a missing ball.  And, new loading screens are added that will display while detecting the I/O board.

Why register your Fishbowl Frenzy game?

Password-protected online Price-to-Ticket Ratio* tables are available only to registered Fishbowl Frenzy owners with a valid serial number.  Registration is required in order to access the software update.  Even if you have the most current software version, we recommend registration, so that we can notify you of any future software updates.

We know from our customers’ experience that Fishbowl Frenzy should be one of the top-earning redemption games in your location.  We’re happy to help with your settings and answer any questions.

Please feel free to call Team Play at 847-952-7533 or email:  service@teamplayinc.com