Regatta Sound Wave Wallmount Jukebox Quick Set-Up Instructions

STEP 1. Remove your Sound Wave from its box. Remove the plastic cover. Do not remove the “Wooden Foot Brace” on the bottom of your Sound Wave. It will be removed later in the installation.

STEP 2. Remove keys from the coin return cup on the left side of your Sound Wave, unlock and open the “Upper Door”.

STEP 3. Open the “Title Display Unit” by lifting the lower left corner of the Title Display Unit and pulling forward. (When opening or closing the Title Display Unit be sure that the page is on selection “12” or greater. Failure to do so, may cause damage to your Sound Wave, and will prevent the Title Display Unit from opening and/or closing.)

STEP 4. Remove the “Locking Bolt” from the center, back, inside wall of your Sound Wave. This will allow you to remove the Mounting Bracket” from the back of the unit.

STEP 5. Locate the nearest wall studs to the location where you wish to hang your Sound Wave. Position the “Mounting Bracket” on the wall where the Sound Wave is going to be located and securely fasten the mounting bracket to the wall. (The Sound Wave mounting bracket has multiple fastening locations and is designed to fasten to 16 inch centers, standard construction measurement for stud spacing.)

STEP 6. Remove the “Power Cord” from inside the Sound Wave and plug it into the power distribution box from the backside of the cabinet. DO NOT PLUG INTO AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET AT THIS POINT.

STEP 7. Close both doors on the Sound Wave. Lift your Sound Wave up and position the top two “Mounting Spindles” into the corresponding top slots of the Mounting Bracket, then align the lower Mounting Spindles and allow the jukebox to slide
down into position. (Since the Sound Wave is very heavy, it is recommended that more than one person be available to lift
the unit into position.) Once your Sound Wave has been properly positioned on the Mounting Bracket, replace the Locking
Bolt inside of the cabinet. This will prevent any one from removing the unit from the wall.

STEP 8. Remove the “Wooden Foot Brace” from the bottom of the cabinet.

STEP 9. Remove the shipping “Bubble Wrap” from the front of the CD mechanism.

STEP 10. The “CD Magazine Tray” can hold 100 CD’s. It is numbered from right-to-left, starting with “00” and ending with “99”. Lift the “CD Retaining Arm” up, and slide the tray forward to remove. Once the CD Magazine Tray has been removed, insert your compact discs, beginning with “00” on the right. BE SURE THAT THE TITLE SIDE OF THE COMPACT DISCS FACE LEFT, AWAY FROM THE CD PLAYER. Please note, check that your discs are clean and scratch free, this will save service calls!

STEP 11. Once you have completed, slide the CD Magazine Tray back into position, and lock the Tray Retaining Arm down. This will prevent the tray from moving out of position during operation.

STEP 12. Plug the “Power Cord” into a properly grounded, 120Volt AC receptacle. Turn your Sound Wave on. (The ON/OFF switch is located on the back of the Sound Wave, Next to the Power Cord.)

STEP 13. Insert the CD Jackets & Title Cards into the Display Pages. Place a protective plastic cover over each CD Jacket & Title Card. (Protective Plastic Covers are provided in your Sound Wave.)

STEP 14. Connect all external speakers. Refer to your Regatta User’s Guide for the optimal wiring and speaker configuration to suit your location. The connections for the “Main Amp Speakers” are located on the upper right hand side of the cabinet.
Auxiliary Amp Speaker” connections are located on the Expansion Board, which is mounted on the back wall of the
cabinet. The location of the Background Music RCA Jacks, Wired and/or Wireless Remote Controls are also located on the
Expansion Board.